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Kat has been tattooing professionally since 2001, getting her start in the industry in Minneapolis in the late 90s. Kat relocated to Arizona in 2015 where she is primarily based, working between her private studio The Black Lodge in Jerome, Arizona, with guest appearances in Phoenix and Minnesota.

Kat has a varied art background including education at the University of Minnesota where she earned degrees in Anthropolgy and American Indian Studies. When she is not tattooing and painting, Kat enjoys having adventures in the great outdoors and spending time at her ranch in northern Arizona with her animals. Cryptids, flying saucers, vintage trailers, science fiction themes, southwestern and retro imagery are some of her favorites. If you are interested in a tattoo, custom artwork or design services contact Kat for more information.

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Kat loves tattooing imagery including, but not limited to, cryptids, flying saucers, vintage trailers and camping scenes with retro flair but welcomes any custom tattoo project. With over two decades of experience, Kat can create a design built to last.


Painting is Kat’s first love and is her focus when she is not creating custom drawings and tattoos. Kat paints in many mediums including watercolor, acrylic and enamel. Custom commissions and design work are always welcome.

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Check out Kat’s online marketplace here on Etsy. Stickers, original artwork, prints, tee shirts and more are available here for purchase.

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202-780-MEOW (6369)

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The Black Lodge
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